The Onco baby bamboo bowl and spoon are safe, eco-friendly and stylish designed to allow your child to feed themselves whilst reducing mess from the bowl tipping over.

The bamboo bowl is fitted with a detachable yet stable suction cup that grips the bowl to the table.  A discrete lever releases the childproof suction mechanism, detaching the bowl from the table.

Natural bamboo wood looks attractive as well as being gentle on the environment.

The Onco bamboo bowl can be used long after your child is able to feed themselves, by simply removing the silicone suction piece.

The bamboo bowl and spoon handle are easy to clean using warm soapy water.  It is not suitable for use in the microwave or dishwasher.  However the silicone suction piece and silicone spoon tip are dishwasher safe.

The bowl and spoon set is made from BPA-free material and conforms to FDA standards.

What's included

  • 1 x bowl
  • 1 x spoon
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